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Natural Swimming Pools

1st January 2011

Sylvia Newman Garden Design Ltd is a partner with CWR Natural Swimming Pools and provides a complete pool and landscaping capability for Cambridge, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Beds and London. Clear Water Revival
We are trained and certified partners and form a community of premium design build companies across the UK and Ireland. Each part of the design and construction process is checked and signed off by HQ, ensuring strict quality standards are upheld on each pool.

A natural swimming pool, sometimes called a swimming pond when designed as such, offers a completely natural alternative to chemical pools/ozone or salt pools. They are chlorine-free, and harness nature's processes, with microorganisms and plants balancing the water chemistry and maintaining clean, clear and hygienic conditions.

Applications for Clear Water Revival Swimming Pool technology are for new pool build, existing pool conversion, derelict pool renovation and public pools.
Natural Swimming Pools

What you can expect from your CWR Natural Swimming Pool:

- Stimulating fresh water, always crystal clear;
- Healthy, hygienic bathing without side effects;
- Attractive and clean conditions;
- User friendly - no dosing with chemicals, no water replacement, minimal top up quantities, comfortable maintenance, ease of use;
- Versatile system, adaptable to your requirements and tastes

different styles of pool:
Clear Water Revival

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